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California District 33



District 33 values the extraordinary effort of the volunteers who serve our local leagues and district. We have a variety of awards that we present at our annual District 33 Awards Dinner. 



District Service Award

These awards are given to individuals nominated by the local leagues, who have demonstrated several years of outstanding service to their league. They have also impacted the district by serving the other leagues in some capacity, usually by being involved in district-sponsored tournaments or events (e.g., All-Stars Saturday).

Past District Service Award winners

Umpire Awards

The district recognizes its volunteer umpires with two awards each year: Umpire of the Year Award and the Umpire Service Award. These awards are given to outstanding umpires who are recognized for their skills and dedication to umpiring that year.

Past Umpire Awards winners

Scott Simmons Award

The Scott Simmons award winner has demonstrated courage and character in dealing with issues at the local league level, especially in bringing about compliance to Little League rules and regulations. They set a high standard by selecting managers and coaches with character, and demonstrate a temperament to deescalate and resolve issues such as poor sportsmanship by spectators, coaches, managers or players.

Past Scott Simmons Award winners

Jim Jones Award

This award is given to the outstanding volunteer in our District. It goes to someone that has showed commitment and sacrifice above and beyond. 

Past Jim Jones Award winners


This award is given to managers or coaches that demonstrate leadership in local leagues with Loyalty, Courage and Character. This award was previous know as "The Spirit of Little League Coaches Award" until 2016 at which time it was changed to honor the memory of Joe Schloss, who truly embodied the spirit of the Little League coach. Joe was a Little League manager for 60 years; 57 of those years at North Park Little League. Read more about Joe Schloss

Past Joe Schloss Coaches Award winners