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California District 33

Umpires needed for the Junior Invitational Tournament (April 27–30). If you're available please email Dave Graham.

The third team on the field at every Little League game


District 33 umpires who participated in the Little League International regional and World Series tournaments.

John Perretta (Little League)
James Patocka (Junior League)

Mark Beall (Intermediate)
Robinaire Ruiz (Seniors)

Ric Castanon (Juniors)

John Perretta (Seniors)

Bill Owens (Juniors)

Mark Beall (Little League)

Brent Forest (Little League Softball)

Bob Cordero
Big League Softball World Series

Michael Williams (Big League Baseball)
Pete Jones (Senior League Softball)

Pete Jones (Little League, Seniors Softball)

Dan Hrigora (Senior League Baseball)
Pete Jones (Junior League Softball)

Oliver Wardenaar (Little League Softball)
Bob Cordero (Junior League Softball)
Dan Esqueda (Big League Softball)

Dan Esqueda (Little League Baseball)
Oliver Wardenaar (Big League Softball)

Dan Esqueda (Senior League Baseball)
Oliver Wardenaar (Junior League Softball)

Dan Esqueda (Junior League Softball)
Dan Hrigora (Junior League Softball)
John Perretta
District 33 Umpire-in-Chief


As a Little League® umpire, you serve the children and families in your community and gain a deeper knowledge of, and appreciation for, Little League. Once you start officiating games you gain an entirely new perspective on the role umpires play in the Little League experience. District 33 is committed to supporting our leagues' efforts to recruit, retain, and reward volunteer umpires. While some leagues consider paying umpires, we firmly believe that volunteers are a better choice for our community. Volunteers are more committed to their league and the mission of Little League, and care more about Little League rules and safety regulations.

District 33 has umpire staff formed of volunteers from our leagues led by John Perretta, District 33 UIC. They are available as a resource for rule interpretations and training. Please invite them to your league to work games with your umpires. We are here to serve you!




  • Join the D33 umpire email list and stay up to date on training, events, and tournament info. Note: a free Gmail account is required. You can create a Gmail account with your a non-Google email address.
  • The Little League Umpire Registry is a place where you have access to an assortment of training materials, including live webinars. For a $5 fee you can conduct a background check using the registry and easily share it with every league that you wish to volunteer at.


D33 rules clinic


The annual rules clinic is designed as an introduction or a refresher to coaches, managers and umpires on some of the most important rules and significant rule updates for the current season. You can view the Powerpoint slides and watch the recordings of the Zoom sessions below.

  • Day one (2/21/2023): Objectives, Definitions, Interference, Obstruction, The Runner (recording)
  • Day two (2/22/2023): The Batter, The Pitcher, Game Management, The Umpire (recording)

League umpire sign ups

Many leagues have opportunities to sign up for games online. League UICs: if you have a sign-up sheet or app not listed below please let us know so we can add it.


LeagueUICHow to sign up
Allied GardensRobinaire RuizGoogle Sheet
PatriotsWesley WellsWe use Assignr. Request to be added.
Mid CityKen SaxerSee Sunshine combined game list
SunshineLaura SheppardGoogle Sheet






D33 recommends that our umpires use the current MLB replica umpire shirts in black (with gray side panel) and blue (with black side panel). This will help you to match your partners for a professional look.

Black with Charcoal Grey
Sky Blue with Black

Traditional Little League umpire shirts are great for new umpires or if you're on a budget. They're also available from most local sporting good stores.
Light Blue