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Our annual District Awards Dinner was held on May 4th at the Sheraton Harbor Island Bay Tower. A special "thank you" goes out to Angela Engquist, for her hard work in setting up the event and coordinating with the Sheraton to accommodate the largest crowd
that has ever attended this dinner. Woodstock was the theme and many dressed the part. Prizes were given out for the best costumes, gifts donated by leagues and staff were raffled off and a 50/50 draw for over $300.00 was handed out to one lucky winner. Jim Gerstenslager, Little League Western Regional Director, was our guest speaker and shared his thoughts about District 33 and his good friend Clay Berry.
District awards were handed out to special individuals that have showed outstanding dedication of Little League Baseball and Softball in our San Diego area. Be sure to thank them when you see them at the fields for all their hard work and dedication to the youth of San Diego. District 33 is proud to present the following awards to these outstanding volunteers in our local leagues for 2013.

The District Service Award

These awards are given to individuals nominated by their league that has several years of outstanding service to their league as well as having impacted the District by serving the other leagues in some capacity, usually by being involved in tournaments or something district wide. The 2013 District Service Award recipients are...

Kendra Schwartz
Serra Mesa Little League

Pete Famolaro
Allied Gardens Little League

Samantha & Jason Mast
Murphy Canyon Little League

Nancy Hemmings
Patriot League

The Umpire of the Year Award
This award is given to an outstanding umpire recognized for his skill and dedication to umpiring for that year. The 2013 Umpire of the Year Award recipients are...

Mark Tukeman
Patriot League

Ray Estrada
Lake Murray Little League

The Spirit of Little League Coaches Award
This award is given to two managers or coaches that demonstrate the double goal coaching that role models the spirit of Little League. The 2013 Spirit of Little League Coaches Award recipients are...

Mike Paredes
Chollas Lake Little League

Cedric Logan
Serra Mesa Little League

Scott Simmons Leadership Award
The criteria for the award is for someone that has impacted the local league, especially in bringing about compliance to Little League rules and regulations, has set a standard in regards to choosing managers and coaches with character, has demonstrated a willingness to address issues such as poor sportsmanship either among spectators, coaches, managers or players. To demonstrate courage and character in dealing with issues at the local league level. The 2013 Scott Simmons Award recipient is...

Katie Riley
Sunshine Little League

The Jim Jones Award
This award is given to the outstanding volunteer in our District. It goes to someone that has showed commitment and sacrifice above and beyond. The 2013 Jim Jones Award recipient is...

Mark Beall
La Mesa National Little League