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California District 33

2019 Dinner

"May the Fourth be with You" was the theme of our annual District Awards Dinner that was held on May 4th, 2019 at the Handlery Hotel. A special "thank you" goes out to Angela Engquist, for putting together another outstanding and memorable event. Not only did Angela put on a great event but she won this year's 50/50 drawing and took home $400.00. Way to Go Angela!

Our special guests in attendance were, Martin & Kathlene Hoover. Martin is the District 49 Administrator and one of two representatives from the West Region on the Little League International Presidents Advisory Board. Martin shared some of his insights on becoming a District Administrator and on the inner workings of the Little League International Presidents Advisory Board.

A Star Wars costume contest was held with many great outfits to choose from. Our 3 judges had a difficult time choosing a winner with the help of the applause from the audience, but in the end, the winner goes to our youngest "Ewok" member of District 33.  Phoenix and her parents Chris & Danyell.

Mark Beal
, District 33 Umpire in Chief 
had the honors of handing out this year's awards to well deserving Little League volunteers.

District Service Awards
These awards are handed out to special individuals that have showed outstanding dedication to Little League Baseball and Softball in our San Diego area.

Ernie Villavicencio
Allied Gardens Little League

Ted Donovan

La Mesa National Little League

Sheila Gigante
San Carlos Little League

James Patocka
Patriot League

Andrea Eaton
Serra Mesa Little League

Garret & Jacqueline Orr
Murphy Canyon Little League

Umpire Awards

These awards are given to outstanding umpires who are recognized for his/her skills and dedication to umpiring for that year.

Rookie Umpire of the Year

Jonah Baron
Patriot League

Umpire Service Award

Jared Schlossberg
North Park Little League

Umpire of the Year

Brentt Hoover
San Carlos Little League

Joe Schloss Little League Coaches Awards

This award is given to managers or coaches that demonstrate leadership in local leagues with Loyality, Courage and Character.

Tyler Hemmings
Patriot League

Jeremy Brewer
Lake Murray Little League

Scott Simmons Award
The criteria for this award is for someone that has impacted the local league, especially in bringing about compliance to Little League rules and regulations. They have set a standard in regards to choosing managers and coaches with character, demonstrated a willingness to address issues such as poor sportsmanship either among spectators, coaches, managers or players. To demonstrate courage and character in dealing with issues at the local league level.

Pete Famolaro
Allied Gardens Little League

Jim Jones Award
This award is given to the outstanding volunteer in our District. It goes to someone that has showed commitment and sacrifice above and beyond.

Nancy Hemmings
Patriot League