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California District 33

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Our Little League District is located in San Diego California and is comprised of 15 leagues. Our area covers parts of San Diego and La Mesa from Balboa Park to Mount Helix from Highway 94 to Highway 52. Please take a look at our League Boundaries Map to see which league you are in. 

Helping young people develop character, discipline and teamwork while maintaining physical and emotional well being through Little League Baseball.  

The 2022 Little League International Tournament

Did you know there are five levels in the International Tournament or what we refer to as the All-Star Tournament? The first level is District. The second level is Section. The third level is State. The fourth level is Regional and the fifth and final level is World Series. There are six (age appropriate) divisions that play in the tournament in Baseball; 8-9-10, 9-10-11, Little League (10-11-12), Intermediate (11-12-13), Juniors (12-13-14) and Seniors (13-14-15-16). The State level is the end of the tournament for the 8-9-10's and 9-10-11's. If you would like to know all the dates and locations of the various tournaments, take a look at our 2022 All Star Baseball Tournament Levels handout, to see where the road to the World Series will take you.

2022 District All-Star Tournament

The 2002 District All-Star Tournament will begin on Thursday, June 23rd for the 8/10's and Junior Divisions. The Little League (10/12's) will begin play on Saturday, June 25th. The 9/11's and Senior Divisions begin on Monday, June 27th. Since we only have (1) Intermediate team, they will begin play in the Section 6 All-Star Tournament beginning on Thursday, June 30th.

Please check our Field Locations page for directions to the games. Brackets will be updated nightly during the tournament. All necessary forms for the District All-Star Tournament can be found under the "TOURNAMENT" tab located at the top of this page. After clicking on Tournaments, Click on "ALL-STAR FORMS". Addition information for this year's tournament for Managers and Coaches can be found below.

District All-Star Information
2022 D33 All-Star Rules   2022 Baseball Rules Difference Chart    Approved Bat List & FAQs

District All-Star Brackets
8-10's Baseball (rev 6/05)    9-11's Baseball (rev 6/06)    Little League 10-12's Baseball (rev 6/05)    
Junior Baseball (rev 5/19)    Senior Baseball (rev 6/01)

Remember to check back here often, as new information will be posted for players and parents as it comes up in the 2022 All-Star Tournament. Good luck to all the teams in this year's tournament.

2022 Section 6 All-Star Tournament

he District All-Star winners will advance to the next level in the International Tournament called the  "Section All-Star Tournament". We are in Section 6, includes the following Districts: D31, D32, D33 and D70. All District winners face each other in a double elimination tournament. District 33 is proud to host the 8-9-10's Section 6 All-Star Tournament at San Carlos Little League. Brackets will be updated nightly during the tournament.       

8-9-10 Baseball
District 33 
 8-9-10 BB
Rules: D33 Guidelines
Directions to
San Carlos Little League

9-10-11 Baseball
District 31 

Brackets: 9-10-11 BB
Rules: D31 Guidelines
Directions to:
Escondido American Little League 

Little League Baseball

Host: District 32
Brackets: Little League BB
Rules: D32 Guidelines
Directions to: Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League

Intermediate Baseball
Host: District 32

Brackets: Intermediate BB
Rules: D32 Guidelines

Directions toPenasquitos Little League

Junior Baseball
District 70
Brackets: Junior BB
Rules: D70 Guidelines
Directions to: Oceanside American Little League

Senior Baseball
Host: District 32

Brackets: Senior BB
Rules: D32 Guidelines
Directions to
Peninsula Little League

2022 So-Cal State All-Star Tournament

The Section All-Star winners will advance to the next level in the International Tournament called the "Southern California State All-Star Tournament". The So-Cal State tournament includes the following Sections: Sec 1, Sec 2, Sec 3, Sec 4, Sec 5, Sec 6, Sec 7, Sec 8, Sec 9 and Sec 10. All Section winners face each other in a double elimination tournament. This is the end of tournament play for the 8-10's and 9-11's. The State winners for the LL (10-12's) Baseball, Intermediate Baseball, Junior Baseball and Senior Division will advance to the Regional All-Star Tournament.. Here are links below to the game site and brackets for each of the So-Cal Division Tournaments.

8-10's Baseball 
District 42
Brackets:  8-10's BB
Directions toImperial Beach Little League
9-11's Baseball
District 62
Brackets:  9-11's BB
Directions toFountain Valley Little League

Little League (10-12's) Baseball
District 72
Brackets: Little League (10-12's) BB
Directions to: Eastvale Little League
 Intermediate Baseball
 District 32
Brackets:  Intermediate BB
Directions toRancho Peñasquitos Little League

Junior Baseball
Host: District 28
Brackets: Junior BB
Directions to: Murrieta National Little League
Senior Baseball
District 72
Brackets: Seniors BB
Directions to: Norco Little League


USA Baseball Logo

As of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented. USABat Standard bats must be used in the Little League Major Baseball Division and below. Either USABat Standard bats or BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions. At the Senior League Baseball Division, all bats must be meet the BBCOR standard.


USABat Standards - Decertified Bats:

The Easton Ghost X 30/20 YBB18GX10 and LL18GHX 30/20 2 5/8” has been decertified by USA Baseball and is no longer an approved bat under the USABat Standard. This applies to the 30” (-10) length of the Ghost X YBB18GX10 and LL18GHX. All other certified lengths and drops of the Easton Ghost X USABat remain approved for play.

The BBCOR decertification process has been implemented on the following bat(s): 


·          Louisville Slugger Meta 33-inch 2020 model


·          Reebok - Vector TLS 33-inch model


          Marucci - CAT5 Squared 34-inch model 


·        Marucci - CAT5 33-inch model


·        Marucci - Black 33 & 34 -inch models

Please note that images are for reference only and are not guaranteed that the bat model in question looks exactly as these internet supplied images portray.

Full details on de-certified bats can be found at: full list of approved bats can be found at

Mark Beall

Umpire in Chief - California District 33 Little League

rev 6/4/2022



2022 Tournament of Champions Winners

2022 Tournament of Champion Winners

San Carlos Little League - Aces
2022 District 33 TOC Minor Division Champions

Final 2022 TOC Minor Brackets

San Carlos Little League - Brooklyn Dodgers
2022 District 33 TOC Major Division Champions

Final 2022 TOC Majors Brackets

North Park Little League - Roosters
2022 District 33 TOC Junior Division Champions

Final 2022 TOC Junior Brackets

State of California Mandatory Training and Certifications

As we head into the 2022 Spring Season, here is a reminder that State of California Requires Training and Certifications for Managers/Coaches, Administrators and Sports Officials and must be completed before any engagement with the players. This includes All Managers, Coaches, Umpires and Board Members.  If you fall into one of these categories, you are required to produce the mandatory certificate for each protocol. Please save and carry each of the certification certificates for all of your managers/coaches in your team binder.  Administrators and Sports Officials should carry a hardcopy or an electronic copy with them to all game sites. If you have any questions in regard to this required training, please ask your League President or me. 

Clay Berry 
District Administrator 
CA District 33

Concussion Protocol: (Required Once)

1. (a) California law requires that all managers/coaches, administrators and officials must complete an online concussion training at least once before supervising youth athletes; a certificate from a prior season is valid for this season. It takes only about 30 minutes to complete the training.

The online Concussion Protocol Training is at:

2.     A concussion and head injury information sheet must be signed by both the athlete and a parent/guardian before the athlete initiates practice or competition. An existing form from the 2020 spring may be used if it’s available. The signed sheet must be carried with the player’s medical release and code of conduct form.

Abuse Awareness Protocol: (Required Once)

1. (a) All managers/coaches, administrators and officials must complete the Abuse Awareness training provided by USA Baseball and SafeSport. The managers and coaches must carry documentation in their team binders that the course has been completed.  
2. Please sign into your account at 
3. Hover over the education tab and select the Course Catalog. 
4. It should take you to sign in again (you will only have to do this once). 
From there you can take any of the courses. 

To access your course certificates: 
Log in to
Select your name in the top right corner
3. C
lick “My Account” 
Select “Courses” option.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Protocol: (Required Once)

AB379 now requires the same protocols used for concussions in youth and high school sports to be used to help protect young athletes participating in school and community youth sports organizations from sudden cardiac arrest—the #1 killer of young athletes. Community youth sports organizations include an organization, business, nonprofit entity, or a local governmental agency that sponsors or conducts amateur sports competitions, training, camps, or clubs in which persons 17 years of age or younger participate. The online Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Training is at: