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15th Annual Dorothy Dupont Memorial Re-Cap


Lake Murray Major Division A's
Final DDM Brackets:  2024 DDM Brackets (.pdf)
The 15th Annual Dorothy Dupont Memorial Tournament was held on March 14th - March 17th, 2024, at Murphy Canyon Little League Damato Field.

 The DDM Tournament is our first tournament of the season, and it was a great 4 days of baseball. The 2024 season is off to a great start.  We had a team that this weekend was the first games they played as a team.  This weekend wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Board of Murphy Canyon LL.  Dan Franklin, Luke Stergos, Paul Stergos, and Sam Shelhammer were there early every morning getting the field ready and staying late putting everything away every night. La’Trece Ventura and Amanda Shelhammer getting the snack bar prepared for the day's hungry fans. 

Congratulations to the Lake Murray Athletics for winning the 15th Annual DuPont Tournament!  It was a great game against the San Carlos Diamondbacks, with both teams having 1 pitcher going the whole game. The A’s won 1-0. 

Carol Hill
2024 DDM Tournament Director
CA District 33 Little League Baseball