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2022 JIT Champs - Patriot League Jr Division Aztecs
Final JIT Brackets:  
2022 JIT Brackets
The 2022 Junior Invitational Tournament began on Thursday, April 21st and concluded with a stunning championship game at Shira on Sunday, April 24th.  Eight teams competed from five leagues.  Congratulations to Mid City Yellow Jackets and Patriot Aztecs who made it to the final round!  Patriot Aztecs were victorious with a close game concluding after seven innings.  Unfortunately, the Patriot Jayhawks had to drop out of the tournament after the first game, but were replaced with the Patriot Hawkeyes so tournament games could continue without disruption.  Thank you to the umpires that volunteered their time and filled in to cover games, sometimes at the last minute.  Thank you to Carol Hill, Mark Hopkins, Nancy Hemmings, Danyell DiLena, Aaron Sheppard and all the Juniors manager and coaches that helped make this tournament a success.  

Andrea Eaton
Junior/Senior Rep
CA District 33 Little League Baseball