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Welcome to District 33

Our District is located in San Diego California and is comprised of 15 leagues. Our area covers parts of San Diego and La Mesa from Balboa Park to Mount Helix from Highway 94 to Highway 52. Please take a look at our League Boundaries Map to see which league you are in.

Helping young people develop character, discipline and teamwork while maintaining physical
and emotional well being through Little League Baseball.

D33 Calendar Agenda

2018 All-Star Tournament

2018 International Tournament

The 2018 Little League International Tournament or what we refer to as the All-Star Tournament began on Friday, June 22nd.

Did you know that there are 5 levels in the All-Star Tournament? The first level is District. The second level is Sections. The third level is State. After State are Regional's and finally the World Series. The lower divisions, 8/10's and 9/11's end their tournaments at the State level. If you would like to know all the dates and locations of the various tournaments, take a look at our 2018 All Star Baseball Tournament Levels handout, to see where the road to the World Series will take you.

2018 Southern California State Tournament
So-Cal State Junior Baseball
Host District -
District 13
Brackets: Juniors State Brackets

Directions to: Conejo Creek Ballpark & Sparky Anderson Field

The Patriot American League team has advanced to the So-Cal State Junior Baseball All-Star tournament. District 13 is hosting this tournament in Thousand Oaks, CA. Games will be playing at Conejo Creek Ballpark and Sparky Anderson Field at California Lutheran University. These are two of the finest amateur baseball venues in California. The tournament goes by different names, we call it the Southern California State Tournament because the winner of this tournament will advance to the Regionals as the Southern California representative. Other Districts, including the host District 13 calls it the So Cal Division III Tournament.

7/15/18 @ 4:00pm - Sec 6 D33 Patriot American vs - Sec 5 D56 East Fullerton

So-Cal State Senior Baseball
Host District
District 23
D23 Guidlines - D23 Guidlines
Brackets: Senior State Brackets

Directions to: Memorial Park - North Field

The Senior team from North Park/Mid City advance to the So-Cal State Tournament without play in the District and Section levels because there is only one Senior team from D33 and Section 6 in the All-Star Tournament. Want to know how they are doing in the tournament?

7/7/18 - North Park/Mid City (8) - Magnolia Center (10)
7/8/18 - North Park/Mid City (0) - Lemon Grove (10)
North Park/Mid City has been eliminated from the tournament

2018 Section 6 All-Star Tournament

The District All-Star winners will advance to the next level in the International Tournament called the "Sections 6 All-Star Tournament". Section 6, includes the following Districts: D31, D32, D33 and D70. All District winners face each other in a double elimination tournament.

District 33 is proud to host the 9-11's Section 6 All-Star Tournament at Serra Mesa Little League, Cabrillo Heights Park located at 8306 Hurlbut San Diego, California 92123. Brackets will be updated nightly during the tournament.

9-11's Baseball
Brackets: 9-11's BB

Rules: D33 Guidelines
Directions to: Serra Mesa Little League

All other divisions are below. Host Districts will update their brackets nightly.

8-10's Baseball
District 70
Brackets: 8-10's BB
Rules: D70 Guidelines
Directions to: Rancho Buena Vista Little League
Little League (10-12's) Baseball
District 31
Brackets: Little League (10-12's) BB
Rules: D31 Guidelines
Directions to:Escondido American Little League

Intermediate Baseball
District 32
Brackets: Intermediate League BB

Rules: D32 Guidelines
Directions to: Scripps Ranch Little League

Junior Baseball
District 32
Brackets: Junior BB
Rules: D32 Guidelines
Directions to: Rancho Penasquitos Little League

D33 Teams in the Section 6 Tournament

Want to know how the teams from District 33 are doing the Section 6 All-Star Tournament?

Junior Baseball
7/7/18 - Patriot American (5) - D70 Rancho Buena Vista (3)
7/8/18 - Patriot American (5) - D31 Encinitas (4)
7/10/18 - Patriot American (9) - Encinitas (8)
Patriot American are the 2018 Section 6 Junior Baseball Champions

Patriot American League
2018 Section 6 Junior Baseball Champions

8/10's Baseball
7/14/18 - North Park (15) - D70 Oceanside Valley (2)
7/15/18 - North Park (9) - D31 Rancho Sante Fe (5)

7/17/18 @ 6:00 pm Championship Game - North Park vs TBD

9/11's Baseball
7/14/18 - Allied Gardens (17) - D70 Rancho Penasquitos National (2)
7/15/18 - Allied Gardens (10) - D31 Encinitas National (4)
7/17/18 @ 5:00 pm Championship Game - Allied Gardens vs TBD

Little League Baseball (10/12's)
7/14/18 - San Carlos (12) - D32 Point Loma (0)
7/15/18 - San Carlos (10) - D31 Encinitas (2)
7/18/18 @ 5:30pm Championship Game - San Carlos vs TBD

Intermediate Baseball
6/30/18: - North Park (1) - D32 Scripps Ranch (13)
7/2/18 - Scripps Ranch defeated North Park
North Park eliminated from the tournament

2018 All Star Winners
2018 District All-Star Winners

San Carlos Little League
2018 District 33 Little League (10-12's) All-Star Champions
Final District Little League (10-12's) All-Star Brackets

North Park Little League

2018 District 33 8-10's All-Star Champions
Final District 8-10's All-Star Brackets

Allied Gardens Little League
2018 District 33 9-11's All-Star Champions
Final District 9-11's All-Star Brackets

Patriot American League
2018 District 33 Junior All-Star Champions
Final District Junior All-Star Brackets

2018 District All-Star Tournament

District Rules: 2018 D33 All-Star Rules
Difference Chart: 2018 Baseball Rules Difference Chart
Bat Information: Approved Bat List & FAQs

All necessary forms for the District All-Star Tournament can be found under the "ALL-STARS" tab located at the top of this page. After clicking on All-Stars, Click on the tab, "ALL-STAR FORMS" in the drop down menu.

Additional information about the International Tournament can be found by clicking on the following link,
2018 Tournament Resources.

Please check our Field Locations page for directions to the games. Scores will be updated nightly during the tournament. Good luck to all of this year's All-Stars teams.

District All-Star Brackets

8-10's Baseball 9-11's Baseball Little League (10-12's) Baseball Junior Baseball

The Intermediate team from North Park advance to the Section Tournament without play in the District level because there is only one Intermediate team from D33 in the All-Star Tournament.

The Senior team from North Park/Mid City advance to the State Tournament without play in the District and Section levels because there is only one Senior team from D33 and Section 6 in the All-Star Tournament.

2018 Baseball Bat Information

Little League® International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information, that includes the latest bat information, current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018. For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit

Rule 1.10
The bat must be a baseball bat which meets the USA Baseball Bat standard (USABat) as adopted by Little League. It shall be a smooth, rounded stick, and made of wood or of material and color tested and proved acceptable to the USA Baseball Bat standard (USABat). Learn More About Rule 1.10

Note: Tee Ball Bats
Starting on January 1, 2018, all Tee Ball bats in the Little League Baseball® Tee Ball program must feature the USA Baseball mark and accompanying text. Tee Ball bats that were produced and/or purchased prior to the implementation of the new standard can be certified using an Approved Tee Ball Sticker (available September 1, 2017) via the USA Baseball Tee Ball Sticker Program for use with approved Tee Ball baseballs for Little League play. Tee Ball bats for Little League Softball® Tee Ball programs must follow the Little League Softball Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies. Download PDF

Frequently Asked Questions about the USA Bat Standard:

Mark Beall
Umpire Consultant - California District 33

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2018 Rules Changes

At its annual fall meeting this November, the Little League® International Board of Directors approved new updates to the Little League Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies that will take effect starting in the 2018 season. Below, you will find a a link to the full breakdown of all the changes to the rules and regulations, including a summary of each and where it is located in the Little League Rulebooks.

*Please note that all rule and regulation changes and clarifications are reflected in the 2018 Little League Rulebooks. The information provided below is strictly a summary of the changes.